The ongoing transition to green energies and the increasingly important usage of electrical vehicles do not allow yet to slowdown the planet global warming.  The polar caps and glaciers are still shrinking, the permafrost is melting and wildfires & floods are more frequent and more intense.  Also during the Pandemic years while CO2 emissions (and Water vapor emissions) have been reduced, CO2 concentration in the atmosphere continues to increase to record levels.  There is thus a need for improved CO2 removal methods, which at ELITELCO we have been working on.


In the following pages Team ELITELCO will present its unique approach to Carbon Dioxide Removal intended to complement the existing techniques, in view of accelerating the reduction of global warming. 






We fight global warming by removing atmosphere energy, thereby helping to accelerate the return of CO2 to the oceans and wetlands, and by taking advantage of the positive feedback loop between atmosphere temperature and CO2 concentration:

A slight air temperature reduction will cause oceans and wetlands to absorb CO2.  This will reduce the greenhouse effect intensity, hence further reducing the air temperature, which in turn will cause further CO2 ppm reduction.

CO2 and Energy Capture




The process is helpful considering the difficulty of reducing CO2 ppm in the atmosphere by just capturing and sequestering air CO2 (The oceans and wetlands will release CO2 as soon as we are removing it from the air).



We take advantage of the powerful lever available from the positive feedback loop between atmosphere temperature and CO2 concentration, to capture the huge amount of CO2 that needs to be sequestered in the oceans and wetlands. 

Large scale CO2 capture amplified by Energy capture


The free and abundant absorbent chemicals we get from nature also help us to reduce the costs of CO2 being directly captured at the same time.  This captured CO2 is then stored in stable chemicals.



Simultaneously, energy is captured to reduce atmosphere temperature.


There is no need to desorb CO2, to recycle complex chemicals, to transport CO2 to dedicated sites, and to push it far underground.  Our method is more cost effective by virtue of the availability of free absorbent chemicals, and of the simple sequestration procedure.


By exploiting the leverage of the positive feedback loop Air Temperature <--> CO2 ppm, larger scale CO2 capture is possible, with air temperature being cooldown.  In fact, this reduced air temperature obtained through energy capture is the target that we actually look for when chasing the CO2 molecules at the beginning.




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