The concentration of dissolved CO2 in the ocean water increases proportionally to the partial pressure of CO2 in the air.


xco2 = (1/Hco2) x Pco2




xco2 : mole fraction of CO2 in ocean water

Pco2 : CO2 partial pressure in air

Hco2 : Henry's law constant which depends on temperature


The reaction between dissolved CO2 and H2O is reversible and rapid:


CO2(aq) + H2O <-> HCO3- + H+

HCO3- <-> CO32- + H+


With the concentration of dissolved CO2 set by Henry's Law, and with the known equilibrium constants of the above dissociation reactions, the concentration of protons and bicarbonate ions in the liquid phase can be determined as these ions have their roles in the reactions that take place in ocean water.


Oceans are thus CO2 sinks, absorbing more CO2 when cold, but are also sources of CO2 when hot.  Marine life decomposition and certain type of sea-dwelling bacteria also emit CO2.


The equilibrium between air CO2 ppm and ocean water CO2 concentration is thus governed by physical laws and biochemical reactions, making it not easy to reduce air CO2 ppm by just capturing air CO2 or by limiting human generated CO2 emissions.


Our technique for atmosphere CO2 & energy capture and sequestration addresses this problem of Mass and Energy Releases to the atmosphere caused by human activities and that is the source of climate disasters. 


Further, ocean water is free and abundant, we adjust it to simultaneously capture energy and CO2.  Also, its alkaline-earth ions are free and abundant; we use these ions for CO2 sequestration. 



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